The Largest Camera in the World!

You might be thinking the article title is something that dates back to the beginnings of photography.  If you think so, you would be wrong.  There is a very exciting new project that is happening today that has lead to the production of the worlds largest camera in history and it’s not a spoof, gimmick or joke.  It is the real deal.  Dennis Manarchy has pulled together a project called “Vanishing Cultures” where he has built a 35 foot large format camera that uses a piece of film that is 6 feet.  Dennis and his team is traveling 2o,000 miles around the country capturing portraits from the cultures that are vanishing right before our eyes.

I only wish I would have thought about this idea first and it was me doing it.  I wish Dennis well and fully support the project.

Video Overview:

To follow along on the progress of the project visit the Facebook page for the latest information.

The Phone/Camera that Dennis was using in the video above is a new 41MP camera phone with Zeiss optics! Yes, I said a 41MP camera phone with Carl Zeiss optics. Apple, what are your plans for the iPhone 5?  Europe always gets the good stuff first!

Nokia 808 Overview:

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