Happy 110th Birthday to Ansel Adams

110 years ago today (Feb. 20th) the world had no clue that an American legend was born.  Ansel Adams passed away on April 22nd 1984.

Marc Silber met with Michael Adams (Ansel’s son) to visit Ansel’s darkroom and personal gallery.  I watch this and the other videos below on a regular basis and in honor of Ansel’s birthday I wanted to remember Ansel today.

Roy Firestone interview with Ansel when he was 81 years old.

The BBC published a Master Photographers documentary in 1983 on Ansel Adams that you may enjoy watching. If you listen closely to Ansel talk you can pick up on many clues and tips from a true master and technician.  I consider Ansel a true artist as well as a master technician with unparallelled writing skills on the subject matter.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4



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